From the recording Arcadia

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Bigger Louder Faster

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Josh Fox -Drums
Shawn Hartung - Bass & vocals
Matt Miller - Fiddle
Scott Rockwood - Guitar & vocals
Recorded and mixed by Jason McEntire at Sawhorse Studios
Mastered by Brad Sarno at Blue Jade Audio Mastering
Album Art by Dan Hall
copyright 2022 Cosmic Rascals


Follow me
through the pine, marsh, and weeds
wear your heart on your sleeve
to the cypress tree

with shovels armed
shin deep in the stagnate pond
fractured light through swaying palms
we're planting our alms

standing by the killing of beauty

the strobing orange glow of street-
lights at seventy one
miles per hour

speeding through
the once was and coming soons
the wasted land of human zoos
the numbing repeat

standing by the killing of beauty

beyond obscenities and excuses
shortsighted gains and acceptable losses
louder, bigger, faster, louder, bigger, faster, louder

this priceless time
for moonlight through the shadow pines
before profit comes with axes to grind
while I'm

standing by the killing of beauty
the last long look before goodbye